Should high school students undergo a drug test

This same logic was extended to extra-curricular activities. Everything should be kept confidential and private. Drug testing allows for early detection and intervention Students have a built-in reason to resist peer pressure, a well-known reason why kids experiment with drugs Schools are fulfilling their duty in promoting a safe and drug free environment It increases chances for students to have a successful future Opponents say that: We would be making a dent in drug use in our public schools.

Does drug testing work? Most of these products do not work, are very costly, and are easily identified in the testing process. Is there a possibility a test could give a false positive?

These are not, by the way, only inner city or impoverished teens who wish to escape the realities of economic or social hardships. Test results, positive and negative, should not be published and remain confidential. The parent may also choose private or government rehabilitation center or program.

Although the Supreme Court has limited its rulings on the constitutionality of random drug testing to students engaged in athletics and other activities, some schools have expanded their drug testing to other groups of students, for example, students who drive to school, attend school dances or even the entire student body.

Adolescent Drug Testing Policies in Schools.

Should High School Athletes Be Tested for Drug Use?

This usually involves collecting urine samples to test for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine PCPand opioids both heroin and prescription pain relievers. In Junethe U. Effectiveness Random drug testing on high school students may reduce drug use, although study results have not provided conclusive proof of this.

Keith Ablow, MD is a psychiatrist, and was host of the nationally-syndicated "Dr. For students diagnosed with addiction, parents and a school administrator can refer them to effective drug treatment programs to begin the recovery process.

The actual drug testing shall be done randomly in compliance with the Dangerous Drugs Board Regulation No. How many students actually use drugs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools

They are doing anything and everything they can to get high. Just because the U. This includes taking measures to prevent tobacco, alcohol and drug use among students.

Can a School Drug Test a Student Without the Parent's Permission?

The study found no impact of random drug testing reported by students not participating in testing on the intention to use substances, the perceived consequences of substance use, participation in activities subject to drug testing, or school connectedness.The students still has a drug problem and simply has been stripped of their source of education, if this is the goal then go ahed do your tests, but if not then i think it should be stopped drug test are a waste of time, money, and are absolutely unnecessary.

Discuss with your peers whether or not you think students should be subjected to drug testing under any circumstances. Should students be drug tested at school? Should students be drug tested at school?

POSTED: 1/29/ Just this month, high school districts in California, Kansas and Virginia announced they were either implementing or are considering starting a RSDT for their students. When a positive drug test leads to suspension from these activities.

Jan 06,  · At least three state high school associations — in Texas, Illinois and New Jersey — put in programs to test student-athletes. All three programs were operated by Drug Free Sport.

The contracts. Mar 06,  · In Junethe U.S. Supreme Court broadened the authority of public schools to test students for illegal drugs. The court ruled to allow random drug tests for all middle and high school students participating in competitive extracurricular activities.

PDEA's new proposal: Mandatory drug tests for high school, college students

Middle and high school drug testing and student illicit drug use: a national study Drug test all high school students to reduce drug use and save lives! Sounds like a slam dunk, right? Upon closer examination, there are both pros and cons to going down this path.

Should High School Students be Drug Tested? Should High School Students be Drug Tested? Drug test all high school students to reduce drug use and save lives.

Should high school students undergo a drug test
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