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It held about 19, barrels of bourbon. Flames rose more than feet from the burning structure. Zippo produces a range of Jim Beam branded pocket and multi-purpose lighters.

Brandmark Products produces a full range of Jim Beam branded billiard and home recreation products. Hammer mills grind the mix of corn, rye and barley malt to break it down for easier cooking.

The mix is then moved into a large mash cooker where water and set back Jim beam added. An estimated 19, fish died of the bourbon in the creek and a river. Vita Jim beam Foods also produces a range of Jim Beam hot smoked and fresh, marinated salmon.

By law 27 C. Jeremiah Beam eventually gained full ownership and opened a second distillery near Boston, Kentuckyin Jim Beam starts with water filtered naturally by the limestone shelf found in Central Kentucky.

Jeremiah later teamed up with childhood friend Jimberlain Joseph Quinn, to expand the enterprise. As the vapor cools and falls it turns to a liquid called "low wine", which measures proof or Process[ edit ] Bourbon whiskey distillers must follow government standards for production.

At the end of the aging period the amber liquid is filtered, bottled, packaged and sent to one of many distributors around the world using the three-tier distribution system. Fred Noe —presentbirth name Frederick Booker Noe III, became the seventh generation Beam family distiller in and regularly travels for promotional purposes.

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Sherwood Brands produces a full line of Jim Beam gift sets. Silver Buffalo designs Jim Beam wall art, dartboards and accessories for home recreational use. As the seasons change, natural weather variations expand and contract the barrel wood, allowing bourbon to seep into the barrel, and the caramelized sugars from the charred oak flavor and color the bourbon.

Beam Distilling Company was founded in by Harry L. Burning bourbon spilled from the warehouse and set a nearby creek on fire. Beam — in moved the distillery to Nelson County to capitalize on the growing network of railroad lines connecting states.

Retired Master Distiller Jerry Dalton — was the first non-Beam to be Master Distiller at the company, and his successor was a member of the family. The combined company is known as Beam Suntory.Shop Target for JIM BEAM.

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Jim Beam Bourbon

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