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However CHAP is the preferred protocol as it is a 3 way handshake protocol. At some places, there will be repetition of concepts which is deliberately made in order to give an impact for understanding.

WANs generally carry a variety of traffic types such as voice, data and video. You can have partial mesh also which means may be branch office 3 and 5 alone can be fully meshed.

Refer the following diagram to understand the cloud a little more. HDLC is a point-to-point protocol used on leased lines. They trace data from their origination to destination, highlighting the paths and storage of data.

LCP is a method of establishing, configuring, maintaining and terminating the point to point connection and NCP is method of establishing and configuring different network layer protocols. Library control software provides reasonable assurance that the source code and executable code are matched at the time a source code is moved to production.

We may even use the ISDN line for all communication. This provides high performance. In fact it may be a way better approach for you to go through everything included in this guide as a whole, rather than to restrict your focus on the track specific topics when they overlap so much you better play safe.

We truly appreciate this gentleman who willingly shared all his easy to understand notes for our benefits. Refer the above diagram, in the frame relay cloud, there are hundreds of frame relay switches. Running a low-level data wipe utility may leave some residual data that could be recovered.

A detailed control check list for the effective implementation of these guidelines is also been issued.

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You are requested and encouraged to read lot of materials from standard publications, journals and periodicals in order to get good understanding of the concepts. Each sub-interface must be given individual IP addresses.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

What is meant by interesting traffic? When the leased line comes up again, the ISDN backup line will automatically disconnected.

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But do you buy any equipment or wire to connect your Branch office located at Singapore or Delhi or Bombay? This enables the facility to have access during a local carrier communication disaster.

It ensures long-distance access should any carrier experience a network failure. But it is very costly. Cost is the big advantage in circuit switching.

Suppose if you have a mail server at the Head office and you want to communicate with the mail server at the branch office, then you can direct these SMTP packets alone through the ISDN line and all other packets like http and ftp traffic through the leased line.

And the DTEs are the routers. EVA works most effectively if a well-formed work breakdown structure exists. There cannot be two identical numbers in a switch. The providers allow their customers to buy a lower amount of bandwidth than what they really use. RA wants to communicate with RB.

It is important to remember that users may access these services through other means such as mobile phones and home computers; therefore, awareness training is most critical. This is a low-level control. The answer is No. It will cost exorbitantly!. This refers to a test where the penetration tester is not given any information and is forced to rely on publicly available information.Start studying CISA Study Notes.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The CISA exam is offered three times each year (June, September, and December), consists of multiple-choice questions, and is focused on the five domains defined by ISACA.

Please note that students apply and schedule the CISA Certification Exam directly with ISACA.

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Cisa Exam Notes – Wan Essay Sample. Local Area Network can be easily understood since typically every office has a LAN. One could personally see the switches connecting various computer nodes and may be a router to which the switches are connected.

CISA Practice Exam Questions. 1. Which type of sampling is best when dealing with population characteristics such as dollar amounts and weights?5/5(2). CISA Exam-Study Guide announces launch of book for cisa (certified information system auditor) studies.

Book. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Enhance your career by earning CISA—world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor and assess information technology and business systems.

Prepare for the CISA Exam. Exam Deferral. Maintain Your CISA. CISA Frequently Asked Questions. .

Cisa exam notes wan
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