A movie review of shakespeare in love

How do these issues compare with circumstances today? That is because all five of the Best Picture nominees dealt with European history.

Shakespeare in Love

This is, after all, Shakespeare. It is romantic yet light. It is a A movie review of shakespeare in love comedy obsessed with nothing more than making references in storyline and plot to the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and those references are made so seamlessly it could almost be assumed that what we see on the screen actually happened to the man.

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Was this review helpful? Shakespeare in Love paints a stunning, nuanced portrait of life and theater in the Elizabethan era. An excellent film in all aspects. The production designers brought to life the Shakespearean Globe Theater, and the film looks as if viewers are witnessing life in sixteenth century England when Shakespeare was still alive.

A possible reason for this is because the Academy tends to favor portrayals of royalty, so maybe that is why they awarded Dench for her eight-minute performance. Stoppard also wrote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which looks at Hamlet through the eyes of those two minor characters, so obviously Stoppard is well-versed in Shakespearean drama.

This is postmodernism without the ponce, period drama without the pomposity. Sign in to vote. It is funny but is complex enough to provide enjoyment for fans of literature. And the company of actors - shaped from the familiar mugs of British moviedom and members of The Fast Show - strain to pull the play into shape with all the spirited bluster of a show-must-go-on 40s-era Hollywood number.

Teen, 15 years old Written by elenmadil April 9, not rated for age Great movie! Startled by the famed playwright, she dashes from the theater. Really shows how the world looked in Shakespea In fact the overall story we are presented with is not new.

The plot weaves several stories and themes. He takes the Bard from the pedestal and brings him down to a human level that we can all sympathise with.

Shakespeare in Love, film review

Beer Two The film might have the style and grace of a Shakespeare play, but the acting awards and accolades that this film received leave much to be desired. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Those who have not may be left with the feeling that they have been excluded from much of the content.

Her victory meant that Cate Blanchett lost the Oscar for a much more stunning interpretation of Elizabeth I in Elizabeth Much of the credit, though, must go to Michelle Guish for the wonderful supporting cast including: The hero, Shakespeare, is excellently played by Joseph Fiennes.

Shakespeare In Love Review

I am happy to say that the film lives up to the previews. The only comment I would make is regarding the sheer number of theatre references. We watched in in school on history of literature and it was the first movie everyone in class liked. There are many parallels between the fictional play and the events of the film, and this goes to underscore the relevance of great literature to the human condition.Shakespeare, even when he kowtowed to the peasants, knew when to quit.

Full Review. Top Critic. Keith Phipps AV Club. February 11, Shakespeare In Love delivers the goods, if the goods you're. Shakespeare in Love movie reviews & Metacritic score: Shakespeare in Love is a romantic comedy for the s set in the s.

It imaginatively unfolds the w. Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of Shakespeare In Love. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.4/5. Dec 25,  · There is a boatman in "Shakespeare in Love" who ferries Shakespeare across the Thames while bragging, "I had Christopher Marlowe in my boat once." As Shakespeare steps ashore, the boatman tries to give him a script to read.

The contemporary feel of the humor (like Shakespeare's coffee mug, inscribed 4/4. With Shakespeare in Love, all is fair in love and war when it comes to what audiences believe to be the best film in any particular year. Shakespeare in Love' is okay as a mass-market date movie, a pic for those that have no idea what Shakespeare's plays are all about, a pic for the Teeny-Bopper crowd.

A movie review of shakespeare in love
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